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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Duck Fat and Poutine

Since I've been living in the US, I've been able to do quite a bit of traveling throughout the northeast to all corners of New England, as well as New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Along the way I've been in many neat towns and cities and before I embark on my roadtrips, I always do a little "research" on what I may except in terms of culinary treats. Along the way I've found some great spots, many in unexpected places, in cities such as Concord, New Hampshire, Newport, Rhode Island and Burlington, Vermont. My best find so far though was in Portland, Maine, at a place called Duck Fat.

I like Maine, as it's as close to Newfoundland as you can get in this neck of the woods; and I really like Portland. Even though I've only been there briefly a couple of times, it reminds me so much of St. John's. While there aren't rows of jelly bean colored houses it is a hilly port town, with a quaint downtown full of trendy shops, restaurants and galleries, etc. I would urge anyone to go there, and I hope to return for a weekend later in the summer to do some exploring and also to get me some more of Duck Fat.

For my last trip to Portland I was on a mission to go Duck Fat to sample their poutine, which they describe as
"Layers of Our Duckfat Belgian Fries topped with 'Silvery Moon Creamery' Cheese Curd & Homemade Duck Gravy". Yeah I know, it was a good as it sounds. The portion was spot on and the taste was incredible. The hand cut fries were tender and crisp with a hint of extra flavor from being fried in the duck fat/vegetable oil blend, the gravy was rich and salty with incredible depth, and the cheese curds were just what they should be; chewy, tangy, squeeky and stretchy. It was heaven in a bowl. I savored every bite, sucking the insides of my cheeks, as I washed it down with a Geary's Ale. I also ordered the meatloaf panini but it was overkill as the poutine did an admirable job of filling my belly. It was one of the most enjoyable, no good for you meals I'd ever had.

Being the Poutine connoisseur that I am, I gave it a perfect score of 40 points (10 points each for the fries, gravy and cheese, and 10 more for overall taste).

Here is the link to Duckfat

Check it out and see their menu. If you're ever in the Portland you have to go there!


  1. Mmmm, fat....lol

    It has been awhile since I have had poutine. This sounds lovely.

  2. I do all my frying in omega3 rich duck fat, never in veg oil. I can't get it in stores so poor me I have to cook duck often to get it. It's amazing!!!! A St. John's twist is to have "dressing" (traditional savoury and onion stuffing) on top of the cheese curds and under the gravy of your poutine.


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