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This blog is dedicated to bring recipes, photographs, anecdotes, reviews and other insights on everything food related. As the name suggests, "A Wicked Scoff" will have a regional flare, a fusion if you will, of both Newfoundland and New England perspectives of the culinary world around me. Thanks for visiting and please come back often as updates will be frequent. Oh yeah, I also like tasting and cooking with regional beers. Expect a beer of the month, often paired with recipes.

Monday, January 25, 2010

NL Blogroll Blog of the Week

Here is some exciting news! A Wicked Scoff has been selected by The Newfoundland and Labrador Blog Roll as their "Blog of the Week". A special thanks to the NL Blog Roll. This will surely help A Wicked Scoff get out their to some new audiences. With the potential for this new traffic I will attempt to post frequently this week, so check back here daily for new recipes and the like. Also, be sure to check out A Wicked Scoff on Facebook for additional photos and thoughts. More specifically I will be posting some pictures of a boil-up/lunch I had this past weekend while ice fishing, as well as some new inspiration items tat will fuel A Wicked Scoff over the coming months.

Also, anybody reading this blog, and not just those with an invested interest in Newfoundland and Labrador, should go check out the NL Blog Roll as it features links and descriptions of around 150 blogs with a Newfoundland/Labrador connection. There is a wide variety of themed blogs to explore, from additional cooking/foodie blogs, to politics/opinion, photography, and lots of special interest blogs. Be sure to pass along the link to NL Blog Roll and to A Wicked Scoff to any of your friends and family who might be interested!


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