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Friday, January 22, 2010

White Newfies

Here is a recipe for my favorite alcoholic drink...A White Newfie!

What is a White Newfie you may ask (excluding my fadder in a pair of shorts)? Basically it's a White Russian with a switch-a-roo on the vodka for dark rum....and the famous Newfoundland Screech at that.

I've always enjoyed a couple White Russians as a way to coat my stomach before moving on to a few beer, and somewhere along the way I lost my likeness for vodka (that's another story). Then a good friend of mine returned from a summer in Wasbush, Labrador with a drink called a "Sneaky Pete" It too was like a White Russian with whiskey (e.g. Golden Wedding) used instead of vodka. I really enjoyed Sneaky Pete's, but always felt they could be a little better. Then it hit me...dark rum. The rich flavour of the dark rum is a natural pairing for the chocolate-coffee goodness of the Kahlua, and too me, would go better with milk than whiskey. While any dark rum will do, such a Myers, Goslings or Bacardi, to be a true "White Nefwie" it has to be screech. For the milk it's best to leave the low and no fat stuff in the fridge and use at least a 2% milk, but whole would be even more decadent.


Here's is how I put it together, it's really quite simple.

In a tall glass, add a handful of crushed ice or ice cubes.
Add 1 large shot of Kahlua
Add 1 large shot of Screech rum
Top up with Milk, and stir.

Alternatively, the Kahlua, Screech and Milk may be added to a bar shaker and poured over the ice.

This drink really does taste like a milkshake, and you probably drink the first one in 30 seconds. They are that good!


  1. Howdy! Just wanted to let you know that your blog has been selected as the Blog of the Week on the NL BlogRoll. Hope it helps find some additional visitors here!

    Best Wishes

  2. HOw funny! I'm reading your blog from Wabush now :)

    I'm actually from Labrador City and my dad is from Milton in Trinity Bay!


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